Balancing ease of use with access to expert developer features, our Content Management Services are suitable for both novice and professional users, and scale seamlessly from single to multiple player networks.The player’s data integration capability enables data from previously disparate and inaccessible systems to be retrieved by using any number of the available business connector plug-ins. Each business connector enables access to a particular business system or information source, managing the entire connection process without any user involvement.

Our CMS ensures there is a solution matched to your needs, from a small foyer network with a single administrator through to enterprise 24/7 networks with 1000s of players and multiple concurrent users. The CMS is available as either a physical or virtual appliance.


Design full screen or multizone multimedia layouts using the simple to use drag-and-drop layout editor. Keep signage fresh and relevant by using live content such as RSS and social feeds, television and custom apps for weather, key performance indicators and more. Reuse existing web or intranet assets using the built-in web page crop and zoom functions.


The CMS makes targeted communication possible. Deliver the right message to the right place at the right time. Build sophisticated playlists quickly and easily using the drag-and-drop playlist editor and advanced content control features for day parting, conditional playback based on meta-tagging, random or sequential playback, inter-zone triggering and synchronization.


With enterprise-class role-based permissions, the Publisher CMS provides for multi-user management of multiple content channels. Content distribution to players is through a unique intelligent file-transfer mechanism that supports wired, WiFi, 3G or satellite connections to players for reliable delivery and security of content.


Designed for the novice or occasional user, ad hoc portals are easy-to-use web user interfaces through which users can manage local messages and media such as welcome messages, menus and locally relevant image s and videos. They can be customized on a user or role basis and administrators have control over which content can be managed by other users.

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